“Writing is the painting of the voice” – Voltaire

Writing is the most resourceful tool to express your thoughts and emotions through words. One has to accept the fact that writing can change anything and if you have the power, passion and interest for writing then your words can turn into a beautiful story to share with the world. Many people practice writing as

“Writing is an exploration…”

Playing with words, penning down imaginations and sharing thoughts with the world is the most beautiful thing any writer experiences. While some people write occasionally as it interests them, some take their passion too seriously and decide to take it forward as a long-term career. There are many options to go with if you are

Explore writing opportunities in the entertainment industry!

Someone has said it right that writing is the best way through which you can express your feelings. Some people write for themselves, some write for blogs but there are few people who take this creativity to a whole new level while writing for the entertainment industry. Writing in the film and production space is